मकर संक्रांत २०१८

सालाबादप्रमाणे हे शब्द न वापरता दरवर्षी साजऱ्या होणाऱ्या कार्यक्रमाचे वर्णन करायचे असे ठरवले आणि क्षणभर विचारच थांबले. तेंव्हा जाणवले कि आपल्या परिचयाच्या शब्दांबरोबर नाळ इतकी घट्ट बसलेली असते कि त्याशिवाय दुसरी गोष्टच सुचत नाही. तर असो, नमनाला घडाभर तेल न घालता अगदी सरळ सुरवात करतो. निमित्त होते एका बहारदार कार्यक्रमाचे आणि त्याचे आयोजन महाराष्ट्र मंडळ … Read more

Makar Sankranti – 2016

First of all, wishing you and your family a Very Happy, Prosperous New Year.  May this new year bring you lots of Success and Joy. The next MMF function will be Makar Sankranti on Saturday 16th January 2016. Venue (see * below): Café Curial , Centre Curial, 90 rue Curial, 75019 Paris. Metro Crimee , line … Read more

Happy Makar Sankranti‏

Namaskar Mandali, Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Makar Sankranti. To celebrate this auspicious occasion and also to exchange greetings of the New Year and fresh news, you are cordially invited with your family and friends on Saturday 17th January at 15h at following address: Bistro de l’Arche Parvis La Défence (Metro 1/RER … Read more

MMF Makar Sankrant 2014‏

Namaskar, The celebration of MMF Makar Sankrant was successful thanks to good participation (over 20) in friendly and cheerful atmosphere. It gave also an occasion to get-together at the start of the year and to exchange fresh news. Click here to see the photos Sincere thanks to those who contributed by bringing Tilgul, Tilgul ladoos … Read more

Makar Sankrant Celebration

Namaskar Mitrano, Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year with a lot of Success. MMF will start the New Year with Makar Sankrant celebration on Saturday 18th January 2014. Venue: Centre Curial, 90 rue Curial, 75019 Paris Metro Crimée or Corentin Cariou (line 7) (see access … Read more

MMF Sankranti 2012

Namaskar, Let’s start the new year with ‘Til Gul ghya ani God bola’ !! * Rucha Joglekar will talk to us about her grand father ‘ GaDiMa’ and present his work, so close to Marathi hearts! Right from the childhood we have been brought up singing his songs which still linger in our minds *A … Read more


Namaskar Mitrano, We have a great pleasure to announce you our next BIG EVENT: SANKRANTI FESTIVAL on 15th January 2011. Date: Saturday 15th January 2011 Time: 17h-20h Venue: Salle de Spectacle, Centre d’animation Curial, 90 rue Curial, 75019 Paris Entrace fees: FREE to the paid registered members (so if you have not paid this year’s membership, … Read more